Learning minds has reconfigured and curated its flagship programs to be delivered through Online learning platform to give a continuous, engaging and plausible opportunity to learn virtually in today’s prevailing conditions.

We specializes in delivering personality development, campus to corporate, preparing for job interviews, reasoning, aptitude and more for common leaders from all walks of life.

We have scaled up our training services with the contemporary and much needed usage of virtual programs for the delivery of online learning programs. We are successfully using zoom, Duo and other video platforms to conduct an engaging experience of learning from your home.


You can learn this exact job readiness framework that helped me become the general manager of an Australian company at 25. And 1000s of our students are getting placed every single week in any industry or niche you can think of.

According to survey, almost two-thirds of the freshers graduating this year are jobless at the moment. Campus hiring’s have taken a huge hit due to the pandemic. We were always told that a degree – Job, but we all know that this time is not true.

It has become more important than ever to equip ourselves with job ready skills – something which is not taught in colleges. So, if you are looking for your dream job or want to switch to your dream company, then here’s your chance. I’ll coach you & Nurture you through our proven methodology that has helped 1000s of jobseekers in different industries to find their dream jobs.